Books About Tree Planting in Canada

For those of you who are interested in learning about a potential career in tree planting in Canada, we have links to a few relevant books. Tree planting is a common seasonal job for tens of thousands of people across Canada each spring and summer. Thanks to various provincial laws and regulations, a great deal of the land harvested by the logging industry must be replanted, to ensure that logging is a sustainable industry in Canada. Although that type of commercial tree planting has a different goal than the demonstration forest and forest reserve planting that Environmental participates in, it is certainly of interest to many people looking for summer jobs.

All of these books were written by Jonathan Clark of Environmental, and they are available from Amazon.

"Step By Step: A Tree Planter's Handbook" is a textbook that educates people about what's involved in becoming a seasonal tree planter in Canada, and also has tips and suggestions about finding a job as a tree planter.

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"Rite Of Passage" is a photo book showcasing what it is like to spend a summer working as a tree planter in a remote tent camp in western Canada.

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"From Our Footsteps, Giant Forests Grow" is a photo book that focuses upon the reforestation efforts of professional career tree planters on Canada's west coast.

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