Sponsor Tree Planting

Our corporate vision is to build an organization which makes positive contributions to the environment through activities that include tree planting and education. Our forestry projects and educational efforts contribute to the fight against climate change, and allow global citizens to participate in our efforts. We create demonstration forests and carbon plantations that will be allowed to grow to maturity, then remain undisturbed in perpetuity. These properties will be protected as healthy forest ecosystems, with no risk of being knocked down for development or commercial harvesting. These projects are accessible to the public for recreational enjoyment.

In addition to our carbon sequestration plantations and demonstration forest projects, we plant trees in a number of municipal, provincial, and national parks. When working in public parks, we are often targetting damage from some of our recent hurricanes, or reforesting areas in national parks devastated by various insect pests or by moose browse. We'll be planting more than 500,000 trees this year, with projects in at least five Canadian provinces.

A portion of our funding comes from contributions by individual donors. We also receive significant support from individual businesses and larger organizations that sponsor a large portion of a specific project (three thousand trees or more). We also work with several other major reforestation charities and NGO's to do boots-on-the-ground work for their projects.

Be A Small Contributor

If you'd like to help out, individual donations make a huge difference! For every dollar that you provide, we will plant one tree, and we will manage and protect it in perpetuity. If you provide $20 in funding, then we will plant twenty trees on your behalf. If you provide $50 in funding, then we will plant fifty trees on your behalf. Contact us (information below) if you'd like to make a contribution. For any individual contribution of more than $20, we will mail you a colorful Replant.ca Environmental bumper sticker. For any individual contribution of more than $40, we will mail you a Replant.ca Environmental toque. For any individual contribution of more than $100, we will mail you a Replant.ca t-shirt. If you qualify for a merchandise reward, make sure that you provide a name and mailing address when you make your contribution.

There are many reasons that people make donations to help support our work. Some of those reasons include concerns about climate change, concern about California wildfires, concern about Amazon wildfires, offsetting personal carbon footprints, offsetting carbon footprints from air travel, in memoriums, named donations in lieu of wedding presents, named donations for birthday or holiday gifts, and general concern for the future of our planet. Thanks to numerous small donations from individual contributors, we are making a significant positive environmental impact.

Support A Project

Our larger Project Supporters are organizations or individuals from all over the globe who commit the financial support necessary to plant larger numbers of seedlings on our various management projects. To be a Project Supporter, an individual or organization is willing to sponsor the planting of at least one thousand trees. The Project Supporter will be given information about the exact geographic location of their sponsored seedlings. Some of our Project Supporters have already provided funding to facilitate the planting of tens of thousands of trees! We currently have the operational capacity to plant well over five hundred thousand trees per year. Think big! If you'd like to make a very large contribution (over $100,000 in funding, or a donation of more than 100 hectares of land in Atlantic Canada), we will build and permanently name a demonstration forest as per your request. This is a great way to memorialize your generosity and your commitment to the environment. We pay the legal fees on donations of land. Please contact us to arrange a discussion about how your support can be used to maximize afforestation on our projects. For 2024, we are still seeking support for one fairly large planting project (50,000 trees) and for a few smaller projects (5,000 to 15,000 trees).

Financial Fine Print

Replant.ca Environmental Ltd. and Thirteen Towers Inc. are incorporated companies which are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. If you sponsor a project, or make a contribution, we will provide a receipt for services which includes a breakdown of NB/NS Harmonized Sale Tax. If your company sponsors our work, you may use this official receipt for income tax purposes, and if you are a GST/HST registrant within Canada, you may claim the HST component (15%) of your expenditures as a recoverable tax credit. When you make a contribution, 100% of your funds (after we remit the embedded GST/HST) are used for the direct costs associated with buying and planting seedlings. All amounts on this site refer to Canadian dollars ($CAD), although we are able to accept donations in other currencies.

How to Show Your Support

If you'd like to make an individual contribution, and would prefer to donate funds electronically instead of sending a traditional cheque, we can now accept individual contributions through PayPal by using the button below. The donation will appear on your statement as "Thirteen Towers" (our parent corporation). If you need additional information, contact contributions@replant.ca

If you are a Canadian who wishes to donate with a Canadian Interac eTransfer, use contributions@replant.ca as the recipient.

If you would like to make international donations using currencies other than Canadian dollars (or cryptocurrencies), please Contact Us. We will issue receipts based upon the conversion rate to fiat.

If you would like your donation to be used specifically for any of our existing Parks projects or demonstration forest projects, just let us know which project to designate the funds for, and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

If you'd like to support a medium or large project of anywhere from three thousand to one hundred thousand trees (or more), please contact Jonathan Clark (President/CFO) directly to start a conversation.

Mailing address:  Replant.ca Environmental, a division of Thirteen Towers Inc., PO Box 6074, Sackville, NB, Canada, E4L 1G6.

GST/HST Registration #: 87114 6643 RT00001