2023 Accomplishments

Our 2023 Annual Report document is now available for download in PDF format.

To summarize that report, we planted some major projects in National Parks in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in 2023. In terms of carbon plantations and demonstration forests, we completed several sites. We continued to work on the cleanup of hurricane damage from 2022 to our various projects sites. Hurricane Fiona caused a pretty significant amount of damage throughout Atlantic Canada, and we still have trees blown down on a number of roads and access points, even going into 2024. We recommend that you read the report though, to get a full overview of our many accomplishments!

The Future

Going into 2024, we already have plans to plant around half a million trees on various projects, and that number will only go up! From April until the start of August, our management team and our planting team will be tied up with their commercial post-harvest tree planting commitments in Western Canada, although we do have a bit of work planned for the spring in eastern Canada that will be done by our local Atlantic Canadian team. However, we start to ramp up the majority of our environmental tree planting projects in mid August.

If our site visitors know of any corporate sponsors that would be interested in helping support a major parks project or a carbon plantation, please reach out to discuss what is needed to move these projects forward.

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