2024 Activities

In 2023, our organization planted just under half a million trees on our various project sites. For 2024, we already have an even larger program already planned, and the numbers are still growing.

As we update this in May 2024, we've already been off to a busy start. We spent quite a bit of time over the winter working with park foresters in a number of locations, in order to be ready for the upcoming planting season. So far this year, we've already planted a community forest project in southeastern New Brunswick (for One Tree Planted), trees in the Fundy Trail Parkway (for Beam Suntory, the makers of Alberta Pure Vodka), and trees in Mactaquac Provincial Park near Fredericton NB (for Forests Ontario). These three projects alone added up to more than a hundred thousand trees to get our season started!

From now until the start of August, most of our management team and planting team are tied up with our commercial post-harvest tree planting commitments in Western Canada, while a team local to the east coast tackles some May/June planting sites on that side of the country. We'll fully ramp up our environmental tree planting projects in mid August.

Our next major updates will be shared here at the end of August. For that update, we'll list more of the major projects that we'll be working on throughout the rest of the year. By the way, you can see the Alberta Pure Vodka logo below. We're pleased to note that Beam Suntory, a new major client that holds Alberta Pure Vodka in their portfolio, is sponsoring significant tree planting work with us this year. We'll also be planting at least 330,000 trees in Canada's national parks this year!

If our site visitors know of any corporate sponsors that would be interested in helping support a major parks project or a carbon plantation, please reach out to discuss what is needed to move these projects forward. We have one project left (in Nova Scotia) which hasn't been funded yet.

Scroll down for a link which will let you help sponsor the planting of more trees.

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