Ball Cap

We currently have ball caps in light sand (top left in photo), orange rust, olive green, and beige clay (bottom right in photo).

Donate $60 and you'll sponsor the planting of at least sixty trees in our demonstration forests and parks projects. As a show of appreciation for your support, we'll send you a complimentary ball cap, which we will mail to any Canadian address!! We will cover the mailing costs. Please visit our donations page, and make sure that you let us know your mailing address AND the colour of ball cap that you'd prefer when you make your donation! We'll also put you on our list to send you a report with photos to show you where your trees were planted.

Incidentally, all funding for the ball caps and associated mailing expenses is being paid for by our parent corporation, Thirteen Towers Inc. This means that 100% of your donation is used specifically for planting trees, not for distributing the merchandise.

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