Scott & Stewart Forest Nursery

One of our main East Coast seedling suppliers until 2021 was Scott & Stewart Forest Nursery, located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. We did not purchase any trees from this nursery in 2022, as they were unable to fill our intended order. Visit their website at the following link:

Here are some photos showing some of the seedlings being grown by Scott & Stewart.

Tiny spruce germinants, which were only sown one month earlier.

Spruce germinants, inside one of the growing houses.

White pine seedlings.

An outside view of one of the greenhouses.

Jack pine seedlings.

Red spruce seedlings.

These seedlings, inside one of the growing houses, are almost ready to be lifted and planted.

Fir cones from a recent harvest. The cones are picked and used as a source of seed for future seedlings.

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