2021 Accomplishments

Our 2021 Annual Report document is now available for download in PDF format.

2021 was a very busy year! On top of our unrelated commercial work in the spring and early summer, we were also able to complete environmental tree planting projects in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Newfoundland by the end of August. In September and October, we completed environmental planting projects in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, and our Newfoundland Team even planted some trees in Terra Nova National Park. For November and December, we were doing trail building and infrastructure work on our three major demonstration forest projects.

We invite you to view some of the photos that we took during our 2021 projects. You can find them at this link:

Replant.ca Environmental 2021 Photos

Our parks program (which only started in 2020) expanded significantly this year. We had projects in almost a dozen national, provincial, and municipal parks in 2021. That list of sites included Blomidon Provincial Park (NS), Caribou Provincial Park (NS), Five Islands Provincial Park (NS), Mactaquac Provincial Park (NB), Parlee Beach Provincial Park (NB), Murray Beach Provincial Park (NB), Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park (NB), Terra Nova National Park (NF), PEI National Park at Greenwich (PEI), and Victoria Park in Truro. You can see blog posts about all of those projects by visiting our parks page.

For the Charles Clark Forest Reserve property, we are happy to report that we finally completed the clearing work on the West Loop Trail at the end of December. Looking ahead, we will need to let the trails sit for a couple years for the existing stumps to soften up, then we will be bringing a small Caterpillar bulldozer or mini-excavator onto the property to blade and smooth out all four of the main trails. This will reduce uneven ground and trip hazards. Once that work is completed, we will be adding picnic areas and outhouses to the property. This property will also be subject to some stand-tending work in the future, to remove two undesireable species. There will be some additional underplanting on the property (scheduled for 2023 and 2024). We expect to plant approximately 53,000 additional seedlings on this property by 2024, targeting a mix of nine coniferous species and eleven deciduous (hardwood) species.

The Walker Road Managed Forest needs additional work. This property has quite a few patches of predominantly semi-mature balsam fir, and most of those fir trees are dead or dying. We spent a lot of time working on this property in 2020, but only did minor maintenance work in 2021 (because we were focusing our energy on the Charles Clark Forest Reserve). We will be returning to this property in full force during the fall of 2022, as we plant to continue cleaning out the dying balsam fir. In 2024 we intend to plant a number of seedlings throughout this area. We expect to plant eastern white cedar, eastern white pine, eastern hemlock, red oak, and a few other deciduous species in this canopy. These seedlings will be an "underplant" treatment which will mature over the next few decades and grow up among the existing mature trees on the property. The removal of the dead and dying fir has created enough openings in the canopy that we'll be able to successfully incorporate several hardwood species which are not normally easy to establish in the shade of a full canopy. Over the next several years, our new goal is to turn this entire property into a healthy managed forest, and then open it up as a demonstration forest for public education.

We have recently added more carbon capture properties to our management portfolio. We also did project work on two sites that were part of NRCan's "2 Billion Tree" program. We were very proud to have our projects approved by NRCan.

We want to give a huge thank you to our major sponsors, for whom we acted as a supply partner. This group included One Tree Planted, Veritree, Carbon Trees, and Trees For Life. All of these organizations were the lead proponent on various large projects where we acted as a service provider. We also saw significant support from a wide variety of smaller Canadian businesses and public supporters, which allowed us to act as the lead proponent on various additional projects.

All in all, we planted approximately 277,104 trees across our various Canadian projects in 2021, so it was a very busy year. But we have even bigger plans for 2022!

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