2022 Accomplishments

Our 2022 Annual Report document is now available for download in PDF format.

2022 was a very busy year for us! Needless to say, the impact of Hurricane Fiona throughout Atlantic Canada in September 2022 was the story of the year. We were still in the middle of our Fall planting season when Fiona hit Canada, and the storm caused massive damage. It also caused significant disruptions to daily life. Some people in Atlantic Canada went without power for a full month. Remarkably though, we managed to complete all of our planned planting work, despite almost insurmountable logistical challenges.

You can visit this folder to see extensive photos from some of our 2022 projects:

Replant.ca Environmental 2022 Photos

Our parks program grew further this year. We had projects in a large number of municipal, provincial, and national parks in 2022. That list of sites included Mactaquac Provincial Park (NB), Parlee Beach Provincial Park (NB), Murray Beach Provincial Park (NB), Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park (NB), New River Beach Provincial Park (NB), Acadien Village Provincial Park (NB), Republique Provincial Park (NB), Terra Nova National Park (NF), and Victoria Park in Truro. You can see blog posts about all of those projects by visiting our parks page.

In terms of carbon plantations, we were especially busy, with hundreds of thousands of trees planted on various project sites. We did work on two bird sanctuary sites (Upper Aboushagan and Luciphy East) that were sponsored by One Tree Planted. We also did project work on sites with NRCan, under the auspices of their well-known "2 Billion Tree" program.

Unfortunately, very little work was accomplished on our demonstration forest sites in the Fall of 2022. We had great plans, but they were derailed by the hurricane. We were busy with hurricane cleanup full-time right up until December 27th of 2022, when heavy snow chased us out of the woods. It will probably be at least one more full year before we have all of the hurricane damage cleaned up on our various project sites. But this is a pointed reminder about how climate change can affect people through the increasing severity of storms. It is a good reminder of why we do the work that we do, to try to capture carbon and limit the negative impacts of climate change.

The Future

We're already working on plans right now to plant more than half a million trees across Canada in 2023, in as many as seven provinces! Visit our 2023 Activities page to learn more.

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