Deciduous (Hardwood) Species

Although Environmental only planted conifers until 2019, we have been able to successfully integrate a number of hardwood species into our projects since then. It is difficult to source deciduous seedlings in bulk in eastern Canada. However, we have had some excellent support from Scott & Stewart Forest Nursery in Antigonish county, Nova Scotia. Here is a list of the deciduous trees that we've been using in various projects:

Paper (White) Birch

Red Maple

Mountain Ash

Yellow Birch

Sugar Maple


Black Walnut

Silver Maple

Horse Chestnut

Red Oak

Douglas Fir

Ginkgo (Maidenhair)

We've also planted small quantities of ornamentals such as Newport Flowering Plums and Thunderchild Crab Apples, and small quantities of White Ash. Above and beyond that, in addition to the above species which we have already been planting successfully, we have a target list of a dozen other deciduous species that we hope to slowly start introducing into our project mixes. We expect to add several more of these species to our mixes between 2023 and 2025. Here's a full list of the additional species we are attempting to integrate into our projects:

American Beech - Fagus grandifolia
Balsam Poplar - Populus balsamifera
Basswood - Tilia americana
Black Ash - Fraxinus nigra
Black Cherry - Prunus serotina
Black Willow - Salix nigra
Eastern Cottonwood - Populus deltoides
Ironwood - Ostrya virginiana
Largetooth Aspen - Populus grandidentata
Pin Cherry - Prunus pensylvanica
Striped Maple - Acer pensylvanicum
Trembling Aspen - Populus tremuloides
White Elm - Ulmus americana

We also plant a diverse range of coniferous species!

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