Our Vision

Our world is facing challenges that stem from global climate change. The extremity and rapid rate of climate change is a direct result of human activity, which includes the release of extremely high amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. To limit the negative effects of this unsustainable CO2 release, not only should carbon dioxide-producing activities be reduced (in order to lower greenhouse gas emissions), but a great deal of the excess carbon dioxide that is currently contained in the atmosphere must also be re-captured and utilized or stored. One of several proven ways to do this is by planting trees.

Our goal at Replant.ca Environmental is to participate in afforestation and reforestation projects with the expectation that these forests will never be commercially harvested in the future. We are creating demonstration forest projects. These projects provide significant long-term recreational and educational value for our global community. We are also creating forest reserves, which will capture and store greenhouse gas emissions

In addition to our forest reserves and demonstration forest projects, we plant trees in various municipal, provincial, and national parks, as long as we can be assured that these trees will be protected in perpetuity. Work done on these projects typically mitigates past damage caused by insects, wildfire, or hurricanes/tornadoes. One of the great benefits of these various projects is the high public exposure to our work. On these projects, we work with the parks' foresters to ensure that we use a diverse mix of conifers and hardwoods that are native to the local area.

A recent national survey indicated that 95% of Canadians visit the forest at least once each year, and that they did not rank economic wealth and jobs as the most important benefit of our forests. Instead, the protection of air/water/soil and valuing the forests as habitat for plant and animal life were the two most important considerations. Our work building demonstration forests helps to address this societal mindset.

There are several other organizations that also plant trees in various countries, with the same general goals that we share. However, some of those organizations plant seedlings and then walk away. We are one of the very few organizations that understands the forests holistically. We love biodiversity, and strive to plant a very diverse mix of species on each project. We know that after our seedlings are planted, our work is not done. We act as permanent guardians of our demonstration forests and forest reserves. We follow through with stand-tending curations and other maintenance activities to maximize the health of our forests at every growth stage. Our existing projects are in various stages of maturity, from fresh plantations to fully mature stands that haven't seen harvesting in more than a century. We are putting legal covenant appurtenants onto our properties to ensure that they will be protected in perpetuity. Although we may need to provide surgical maintenance of individual trees, our projects will never be commercially harvested in the future.

We want to plant the right tree in the right place. We are not building tree farms or monocultures. We are building complex forest ecosystems and wildlife habitat, and aim to maximize plant and animal diversity. Canada has an incredible amount of land that is potentially available for afforestation and reforestation, and our organization is growing. Let's work together to see what we can accomplish!

Don't be hesitant to help plant a tree under whose mature canopy you may never sit. Help make our world a better place.

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