Carbon Plantations Environmental manages various properties which are reserved solely for carbon sequestration. On these properties, a diverse mix of trees are planted with the intent that they eventually grow to maturity. It is typical for forested lands to transform very slowly through four states of forest succession. Those stages are:

Stand Initiation
Stem Exclusive
Understory Re-initiation
Steady State

By making the right decisions and committing appropriates resources to a property, we can accelerate the progression of a forest as it passes through those stages, and ultimately accelerate development of a steady state mature forest. This maximizes carbon sequestration, which is good for our global environment.

The properties that we acquire for permanent carbon sequestration are typically private woodlands which have recently been harvested commercially by the owners. After harvesting is complete, many landowners decide to put their properties up for sale. We seek such properties as they represent excellent opportunities to repair the damage caused by harvesting, taking the property off the market permanently and protecting it from future logging. We also seek projects where old unused pasture land becomes available, resulting in an afforestation project rather than post-harvest reforestation. In some cases, our larger clients seek to build their own private carbon plantations, and we work with them on a consulting and service provision basis. Here are links to some of our recent carbon plantation projects:

Poucette Road Carbon Plantation

Cormier Road Carbon Plantation

TransCanada Highway TenTree

Hardy Veritree Carbon Plantation

Shemogue Carbon Plantation

Luciphy West Carbon Plantation

Of course, our work is not focused solely upon environmental restoration projects. Visit our projects page to see the other types of projects that we're involved in.

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